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Performance skills and charisma

You want to leave a positive and lasting impression on other people with your appearance. Appear convincing and authentic.

You want to optimize your physical and vocal expression and gain a massive amount of self-confidence.




In the workshop on presentation skills and charisma, you will learn how to present yourself more confidently and authentically and to leave a lasting, positive impression.


  • You know the most important basics for a successful performance in front of an audience.

  • You will develop a supportive mindset based on neuroscience.

  • You acquire basic skills for speaking in front of and with an audience.

  • You use breath, voice and body language consciously and purposefully.

  • They reduce stage fright and convey their own message authentically and confidently.

  • You deal intensively with different communication and performance situations.

content + structure

Application-oriented, practical and effective.

The workshop performance skills & charisma gives your holistic appearance a

new effect. It is done with the help of neuroscience and positive psychology

developed a positive and growth-promoting mindset. You are constantly working on yours

Occurrence improves through regular feedback from the course management

participants and are constantly evolving. Refine using trained methods

express yourself and gain even more confidence. What you have learned is discussed and coached again in individual coaching sessions.

training goal

The workshop performance skills & charisma gives you the most important basics for a successful appearance in front of and with an audience - at meetings, conferences, public appearances, in front of the camera or in discussions/conversations. By integrating the trained techniques and methods, you will gain self-confidence and charisma.


Make an impact thanks to your new skills

  • You prepare yourself independently for an effective presentation.

  • You use your personal vocal and body language resources consciously.

  • They counteract stage fright and nervousness through learned strategies.

  • They appear individual, authentic and more positive. 

  • You can present and communicate more personally and authentically.


Deal intensively with various communication and presentation skills.

  • individual positioning of the participants

  • Mindset work based on research results from neuroscience

  • purposeful and positive use of posture and body language 

  • presence in front of an audience

  • use of breath and voice

  • Understand and overcome performance anxiety/stage fright

  • Do's and don'ts for presentations

  • Communication do's and don'ts

  • Give presentations with your own content


You will benefit from modern forms of teaching, learning and working in an emphatic and goal-oriented atmosphere.

  • Input presentations to convey the theoretical basics

  • Body-oriented voice and language training

  • Individual and group exercises for self-awareness and perception of others

  • Individual coaching and constructive, goal-oriented feedback


target group

Typical participants are: 

  • Specialists and managers

  • Sales - field work - back office

  • experts

  • journalists

  • teachers

  • politicians

  • All people who want to impress with their appearance in their everyday life and appear more positive.


About Sandra Lutz

  • certified life coach (DBCA)

  • Co-Lecturer @Uni Basel Humanmedizin WPP Failure in Medicine

  • mentor

  • Speaker

  • My Book  "You first!"

Sandra Lutz coaches and advises ambitious people and companies who want to achieve an absolutely new and unimagined level of quality of life, clarity and success in today's very dynamic and demanding world.  

"As the daughter of a Japanese woman and a Swiss person, I had the privilege of experiencing two completely different cultures and being inspired by both. I was able to take a lot with me from my Japanese roots in terms of family, mindfulness and IKIGAI. As an Al Anon member, I myself experience how you can achieve more freedom and confidence with the twelve steps and with coaching.

I started my professional career as a professional ballet dancer and have traveled the world with various dance companies. After a very fulfilling career as a dancer, which also pushed me to my physical and psychological limits, I began studying in Zurich and then worked for a major Swiss bank for 10 years.


Since the birth of my daughter in 2010, I have worked as a human resources coordinator in a renowned global strategy and management consultancy.


I consulted my first coach, happy and yet with the feeling that there could be more. I was able to develop so much clarity and motivation with my coach in a very short time and have gained a lot of momentum to finally do what makes me really happy, namely to accompany and support other ambitious people and organizations with a suitcase full of methods and knowledge.


Life is too short to continue driving in a Porsche with the handbrake on.


So it was clear to me that I would be training to become a life coach at the renowned  Dr. Bock Coaching Academy  in Berlin.

I now live out this passion as a professional life and business coach and gain even more energy and enjoyment in my job with every client interview. "

Life Coach Sandra Lutz

Schipfe  11

8001 Zurich



+41 79 742 90 64

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