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Leadership Coaching Sandra Lutz


Ensure a harmonious handover of the business from one generation to the next

I act as a professional and personal companion for the transferring party as well as the accepting party, in order to find a masterful solution to the complex and sometimes emotional endeavors for all parties.  


In the case of business transfers within families, many conflicts are based on different values.

This results in a great potential for conflict, which is particularly typical for the transition period. Regular exchange is therefore very important during the handover process. An open exchange about personal ideas, visions and plans but also about fears and expectations is significantly relevant for a successful and harmonious generation change in the company.

The outgoing management is supported with the release and solutions are worked out to the following possible questions:

  • What interests do I have besides my company?

  • How do I imagine my personal future without the company?

  • Do I want to stay involved with specific subtasks after all?

  • Is the company prepared for the handover?

  • How independent is the company from me?

The next generation will be optimally prepared for the new position.

  • What are my reasons for taking over a company?

  • How do I want to organize the corporate succession?

  • What funding programs are there?

  • Does my qualification profile match the requirements for corporate management?

  • How can I compensate for possible discrepancies?

Through my many years of work as an HR business partner in an international management consultancy, I know about the challenges of all parties and can incorporate the needs of everyone involved in my coaching processes.

I am happy to come to your company for a free and non-binding meeting.

In a preliminary discussion with everyone involved, the assignment is defined for me as a coach and the objectives and the process for this are worked out together.

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