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Life Coach Sandra Lutz


Sandra Lutz is a sought-after expert in the Swiss print and online media landscape on the subjects of personality development and fear of failure.
Here you will find a selection of articles and interviews.

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Kann ich meiner Mutter aus der Depression helfen?

«Can I help my mother out of depression?»
When a loved one suffers from a mental illness, you always want to be there. Life Coach Sandra explains how to offer help correctly - and protect yourself at the same time.


Do you not stick to your New Year's resolutions after just a few weeks? A life coach reveals how it will finally work in 2022.

Radio SRF1

Have you complimented someone today? If not, you should do it as soon as possible. A study shows what we have long suspected: Compliments are not only good for the recipient, but also for the person who paid the compliment.

Author: Olivia Gähwiler, moderation: Dani Fohrler

Ich traue mich kaum mehr vor die Tür - was hilft?

LAURA (26) ASK THE LIFE COACH: "I hardly dare to go outside - what helps?"

Laura would like to cancel appointments right away and stay in her apartment. Life coach Sandra Lutz has tips to break out of this pattern.

Ich schiebe immer alles auf - was hilft?

Regardless of whether it's a tax return or a short phone call: Dave doesn't have the ability to tackle tasks. Life coach Sandra Lutz has tips against procrastinating.

Wie finde ich meine Berufung?

Tamy feels helpless in the chaos of career choices. Life coach Sandra Lutz has instructions for clearer visions - and a reflection on how to take the pressure off.

Unsere Beziehung stagniert - soll ich Schluss machen?

Carmen has had a loyal boyfriend for eight years - but she has moved on. Life coach Sandra Lutz shares a 4-point plan for change and clear decisions.

Ich habe Angst vor dem Autofahren - trotz Führerschein

Reader Mattea has a driver's license, but the thought of driving on the autobahn makes her hands sweaty. Life coach Sandra has advice.

Soll ich lieber Reisen oder Karriere machen?

Reader Josy has long wanted to go abroad, but would have to do without a promotion. Life coach Sandra Lutz has advice.

Warum will ich es immer allen recht machen?

Reader Joelle is a so-called people pleaser. Do you always look for mistakes in yourself, want to be liked at all costs and are difficult to say no? Life coach Sandra Lutz has advice

UPC Weltgesundheitstag

World Health Day is taking place all over the world today. At UPC, too, we take this as an opportunity to focus on our most important common goal: to stay healthy and to dispel the home office blues.

Every week there are tips for UPC employees to calm their minds and stay fit - with a special program on World Health Day. On April 7th, employees can enjoy a yoga session at lunchtime and in the afternoon there is mindfulness meditation, live of course. Both are offered by employees. The working day then ends with life coaching on the subject of "Routine for more balance" with the external Trainer Sandra Lutz  away.


Article im Blick and Vayamo, November 2020

This will teach you to take feedback less personally

Criticism is not for everyone. Some can handle feedback better, while others often take it far too personally. A life coach gives tips on how to learn to deal more calmly with criticism.

Blick: Tipps vom Life Coach

Article im Blick and Vayamo, April 2021

Praise is an important part of social relationships. Life coach Sandra Lutz (44) explains to Vayamo what makes a good compliment - and how you react to one.

Blick: Tipps vom Life Coach

Article in view, May 2021

Self-confident people appear attractive, trusting and successful to others. These tips from life coach Sandra Lutz (44) can help to appear and become more self-confident.

"We have drifted apart." Is a statement of couples that do not see a future with each other.

Let us go back a few hundred years into the golden but also bloodthirsty times of the Roman Empire. 

We have all had those days: You overslept - again, have breakfast while standing or running around ...

Take a moment and think about your biggest goal that you have at the moment.

If, in the event of a sudden drop of cabin pressure in an aircraft, we firstly want to help our panicking ...

Everything that paralyzes us takes us away from what would make us happy. 

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