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Leadership Coaching Sandra Lutz


With professional outplacement, you protect the company's reputation and keep the organization calm

Fears about the future and self-doubts can gnaw at self-esteem and self-confidence, so the motivation and productivity of an employee is at its lowest point.

That is why personal coaching and support in crisis situations have a high priority during the entire outplacement process.



In the following situations, coaching could support your company as well as the departing employees in the process:


  • several terminations must be issued at once for economic reasons

  • The company has to part with a person who has a special status in the company

  • The termination appears socially incompatible

  • Retirements



Profits for those affected:

  • Design and master difficult situations positively with a mindset change

  • Recognize your own potential and develop it for the next step in your career

  • Define your own goals and priorities

  • Increase chances of success while looking for a job

  • Better positioning in the job market

  • Thanks to our structured process, my clients can face the task of professional reorientation with great confidence

  • Continue to act as a productive and satisfied employee

  • Oppose the previous employer with good feelings


Profits for employers

  • Internal change processes are made easier

  • Social responsibility for departing employees is taken seriously

  • The motivation of the remaining employees is maintained and further strengthened

  • Damage to the image of customers and stakeholders is avoided

  • Separation talks are organized on a partnership basis

  • The duration and costs during the outplacement situation are manageable

  • Departing employees will continue to be perceived as promoting the company




I would be happy to advise you on the selection of an optimal process.

Prepare for your retirement


Gentle preparation for retirement, letting go, passing on.



Leaving professional life brings many changes with it: a new daily rhythm and new freedoms, changes in the network of relationships, loss of familiar structures, changed income levels, etc. The start of this important phase of life should therefore be planned in good time and in detail.


I support your employees on the path of letting go and reorientation so that they can continue to pursue their daily work full of vigor and motivation.

I am happy to come to your company for a free and non-binding meeting.

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