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Transformation durch Life Coaching


When you are facing a turning point. . .

As a life and leadership coach, I support and accompany people in their desired development towards a fulfilling, productive and happy life. 

Working with me as a coach can bring more clarity and a strategy towards the goal on the following topics:

  • Realize a work idea

  • Develop and expand performance skills

  • Build a new business

  • Build self-confidence

  • Mental preparation for retirement

  • Further career progression

  • Happy and healthy parenting

  • Overcome frustration and set new goals

  • Gain more self-efficacy

  • Mindset work for top athletes

  • Stress prevention

Through my many years of experience in international companies in human resources and through my work as a life coach, I help my clients with a clear process in a reasonable period of time to more clarity about their personal goals and a clear path to more fulfillment.

How is the coaching process like with me?

With me, a coaching process always begins with a free preliminary talk, either at my practice in the beautiful old town of Zurich or for business customers in the customer's office. We get to know each other and discuss the topic and my assignment as your coach.


Thanks to my highly efficient coaching methods, a lot more clarity and motivation can be gained for the client during a session in order to take big and ambitious steps towards success and more happiness. Together with me, the client works out clear goals and a clear path to get there. Problematic beliefs are uncovered and, in return, the client's resources and potential are released in order to develop a plan of action and implement it with a lot of motivation.

It is not uncommon for me to give my clients homework and there is regular contact with me.
The life coaching process takes the current state of my clients as an acceptable and neutral starting point. By working with me, goals can be clearly defined and a lot of motivation can be gained. A clear strategy towards the goal is worked out together with my clients. The definition of goals is essential.


When you feel like it is time to start a new chapter in your life, I look forward to hearing from you!

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