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High Potential Coaching Sandra Lutz


Discover the full potential through life coaching and targeted support and thus retain motivated and loyal high potentials in the long term

High potentials have certain characteristics and skills that enable them to achieve above-average performance and thus make the company more successful.


The support and retention of high potentials, young professionals with exceptionally high potential, are essential for a company, but it requires a lot of time and personnel costs.


The support of high potentials


My accompaniment enables high potentials to fully develop their potential and to make an above-average contribution to their company.
High potentials are specifically prepared for a new position in the company: To this end, requirements critical to the success of the new position are identified in order to plan measures in a target and result-oriented manner.



Retention management of high potentials


Retaining highly competitive high potentials is an important task for every company, as the risk of being poached is very high.

I support you and your company by accompanying your high potentials in regular individual coaching over four months and working with them on the following topics:


  • Preparation for the new position

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Develop efficient and prudent team leadership

  • The investment and effort for the company are kept to a minimum



Through my many years of work in HR in an international management consultancy, I know about the challenges of all parties and can incorporate the needs of everyone involved in my coaching processes.


I am happy to come to your company for a free and non-binding meeting.

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