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Mentaltraining für Hochleistungssportler


By providing resilience advice to the company's top performers, you can secure long-term motivated, healthy and loyal employees

High Achievers are very competitive and do not shy away from major challenges.

This holds great potential for personal growth and success in the company, but also a great risk of burnouts.


High achievers become aware of their own resources in coaching sessions and can use them actively and independently. Stress is reduced to a minimum and burn-out situations can be avoided.


High achievers set new goals and the path to them is redefined and structured. Mental and emotional fitness is practiced and further developed.


  • Resources work

  • Boost self-confidence

  • Mindset work

  • Further, expand and consolidate performance skills

  • Stress reduction through mindfulness and meditation exercises

Through my many years of work in HR in an international management consultancy, I know about the challenges of all parties and can incorporate the needs of everyone involved in my coaching processes.


I am happy to come to your company for a free and non-binding meeting.

Resilienzberatung für Hochleistungssportler
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