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When you expect more awesomeness from your life

Would you like to improve your performance skills?

Do you need a performance boost?
Do you want to tackle conflicts in your partnership?

Do you want to develop your emotional intelligence?

Do you need more clarity about the further course of your career?
No matter what question you are currently dealing with professionally or privately:
In a manageable period of time, you will receive more clarity and orientation in intensive discussions.

Learn how to give your life more depth, meaning, quality and awesomeness.


  • Clarity about personal and professional goals

  • Realize a work idea

  • Develop and expand performance skills

  • Build a new business

  • Build a lack of self-confidence

  • Find or intensify a love relationship

  • Clarify open career questions

  • Happy and healthy parenting

  • Live minimalism

  • Overcome frustration and set new goals

  • Coping with stress over the long term

  • Gain more self-efficacy

  • Find your IKIGAI


I will give you a clear process , it can be short or long term. Together we develop clear goals and the way to them, possible obstacles and fears are uncovered and the solution and resolution of these are worked out. Problematic beliefs are identified and in return the resources and the potential client released to work out an action plan and implement it with a lot of motivation.
The life coaching process takes the current state of you as an acceptable and neutral starting point. Working with me, you can clearly define your goals and gain a lot of motivation by uncovering your existing resources.


First of all, you will work out a vision with me or the conflict will be revealed.

  • What is it that really drives you?

  • What inspires you

  • What is preventing you from achieving your goals?

  • What else could support and motivate you in achieving your goals?

  • What does your "business plan" look like for your life?

After these questions have been worked out, we will work together to identify possible obstacles or limiting beliefs and develop strategies to overcome them.

Challenging but achievable goals are defined.
Determining the current state of affairs is important to show your current options and your available resources and potential.
At this point you will make sure that every step you take brings you closer to your goal and I will accompany you and further support your motivation and your momentum. If your plan or goal needs modification, we will work on it together.

Life coaching is a unique method that was developed so that ambitious and life-hungry people can develop fulfillment and happiness - in all areas of their lives.

It strengthens the clarity, self-efficacy and ability of people and organizations to act effectively and sustainably today.


Where does the word art come from? Of ability. Ability is shaped by a person's personality, experience and ability.

Like all practical skills, excellent coaching skills can only be achieved and further developed through constant and intensive practice.

Coaching is development and change work with mentally healthy adults in private and professional contexts. It enriches, changes and shapes people in their private lives, in the economy and in society.

Excellent coaching is a goal-oriented discussion process in which I, as your coach, have a clear attitude, a full set of methods and, above all, a functioning conversation strategy. In the end, my clients not only want new insights that are relevant to them, but also results, new perspectives and individual strategies for themselves.


Showing your potential and support in setting your goals

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Disoriented? Want to fulfill your heart's desires but don't know how? Are you facing a big decision and need support?
Life coaching serves as a pioneer to a happier and therefore healthier life. My work includes bringing you more clarity, showing your potential and strengthening your trust in you. You will develop great momentum and be ready for your next big steps towards a stress-free, happy life .

Hand, die eine Pflanze


Do you want to find your true passion and be successful with it?

Do you want to understand and resolve conflicts in your team?

In working with me you can shovel free your resources and your potential and develop techniques that will help you and bring more clarity.

Do you want to succeed with an idea take off?

Do you want to finally realize your dream of independence?

In a 4-step program , we will work out your business plan together and I will accompany you through the implementation.

Erhöhte Ansicht Menschen Kayaking im See


You want to uproot trees again because of being in love. You want a deeper connection with your partner.

You want a harmonious relationship and you have the feeling of swimming against the current.

Together we will work through disruptive beliefs and in a manageable process you will be the life partner you want to be again.

Meditation by the sea


Together we will find direct access to your resources. My job is to show you tools and techniques to keep your stress level as low as possible and to gain more freedom. After a few sessions you will become well versed in using these techniques and you will be able to access them directly in stressful situations, which will make you immensely more balanced and happier .

My Services


certified life coach (DBCA)

HR coordinator

Meditation coach

As the daughter of a Japanese and a Swiss citizen, I had the privilege of experiencing two completely different cultures and being inspired by both. I started my professional career as a professional ballet dancer and have traveled the world with various dance companies. Since the birth of my daughter in 2010, I have been working as a human resources coordinator in a renowned management consultancy. Happy and yet with the feeling that there was still more possible, I consulted my first coach. After just one coaching session, I developed a great desire for more depth and something more valuable. I was able to develop so much clarity and motivation with my coach in a very short time and have gained a lot of momentum to finally do what makes me really happy. Life is too short to continue driving with a Porsche engine with the handbrake on. So it was clear to me that I would like to train as a life coach at the renowned Dr. Bock Coaching Academy in Berlin.

After a coaching session with me you will have more clarity and plan and pursue the next step towards something even bigger with great motivation.

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8001 Zurich



+41 79 742 90 64

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