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// Your professional life & leadership coach for more confidence, clarity and decisiveness

Life Coach Sandra Lutz
//As your life coach and leadership coach, Sandra Lutz supports you to develop your full potential, to be able to make decisions more easily, and to live a more productive, more successful, and happier life.


  • Mental coaching for athletes/Dancers

  • Clarity about personal and professional goals

  • Build a successful mindset

  • Build up confidence

  • Develop and expand performance skills

  • Gain more self-efficacy

  • Emotional agility


Thanks very much!

What is coaching?

  The term coaching is used as a collective term for different counseling methods. In contrast to classic consulting, the coach does not provide direct suggestions for solutions, rather the development of one's own solutions is worked out and accompanied. According to the International Coach Federation, coaching is defined as follows:

Coaching can be seen as a partnership with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process. This  aims to inspire and maximize their personal and professional potential, which is extremely important in today's dynamic environment.

If you want a change, are ambitious and open to new perspectives and are not afraid of unpleasant questions, then coaching is exactly the right thing for you.

How do you determine if coaching is right for you?

Since coaching is a partnership, ask yourself whether you value collaboration, a different point of view and new perspectives.

Also ask yourself whether you or your company are willing to devote the time, energy, and money to real change.


If the answer is yes, coaching is one of the most efficient ways to develop yourself and to reach the next level.  

In order to benefit from coaching, the client should have a few basic requirements:

Willingness to change and a good pinch of curiosity are good prerequisites for a successful coaching process.

How is coaching carried out?

After the free preliminary talk, coaching sessions take place either personally in my practice, in your office or via video call.

A session usually lasts an hour.  

From session 2 you will receive a summary after each session as well as a personalized program with which you can continue to focus on your personally developed goals between the sessions.


Every person and every situation are unique.


In principle, meetings take place every two to four weeks. 

Companies that work with me

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You will experience an excellent and goal-oriented conversation, which will bring you in the desired direction in the shortest possible time. With Sandra Lutz at your side as an experienced and professional Life & Leadership Coach, you will achieve more clarity, productivity and focus in just a few hours.

  • First of all, we make an appointment for a first free preliminary talk.  

  • After the first preliminary talk, in which you explain your situation and the assignment for me as your coach has been clarified, you are welcome to take a few days or make an appointment directly. The duration of a life coaching process varies depending on the situation. It also depends entirely on the client how quickly and how deeply they want to work.  

  • My way of working is methodical, dynamic, humorous and open. I stand for a pragmatic and goal-oriented working style.

  • There will be some aha experiences and depending on the extent, these may take time to be processed. The mindset that has been developed should then be set and continued to be practiced.

  • I will give you a clear process, it can be short or long term. Together we develop clear goals and the strategy towards them.

  • Problematic beliefs are pointed out and, in return, the resources and potential is being released to work out a plan of action and to implement it with a lot of motivation.

I coach and advise companies and private customers in today's very dynamic world, that want to achieve a completely new level of quality of life, clarity and success. In a time of permanent change, it is important to find your own, powerful habitus, to develop it further and to make life and organizations more open, stronger and at the same time more flexible. I will show you how we can overcome outdated thought patterns and uncover your new potential. I also specialize in "Fear of Failure" and offer various coping strategies.

Life coaching is a unique and very effective method to support ambitious and life-hungry people, to develop fulfillment and happiness - in all areas of their life.

Life coaching strengthens the clarity, self-efficacy and ability of people and organizations to act effectively and sustainably today.

Sandra Lutz's work stands for more productivity, job satisfaction and a previously incomparable quality of life.



Are you looking for a coach who can help you make the right decisions? Then you have come to the right place with Sandra Lutz. With your challenging questions, she lures you out of your comfort zone and helps you to untie the knot. Of course, you can't expect her to do the work for you - that's still your business. It accompanies and guides you, together with you, to a new phase of life.

Ms. Lutz, I am very grateful for your support, thank you very much!


CEO Healthcare Industry

“I had the pleasure to work with Sandra Lutz in autumn 2019. I reached out to her because I felt like I was going in circles in my personal life. It was like putting all of these puzzle pieces on the table, but had trouble identifying the key pieces and putting them together to build the puzzle I wanted. Working with Sandra was really transformative for me. Her approach was holistic as it helped me identify and act not only in my personal life but also in my professional life. And the implementation of the jointly developed strategies felt easy and like a natural progression. Sandra is warm, friendly and easy to open up; but don't be afraid to rush you if you need to. I would highly recommend contacting Sandra Lutz if you think life coaching would help. "


Product Designer

We had the pleasure of engaging Sandra Lutz as a speaker at the TheConnect "Mindset" workshop.

In terms of content as well as personally, Sandra was able to pass on an incredible number of values. This workshop changed the participants' lives. It made us aware of how much we can influence personally with our attitudes.

I highly recommend Sandra Lutz for everyone who wants to give their life new impulses and benefit from useful life coach tools.


Sandra supported our “Learning from failure” workshop for medical students at a Swiss university hospital. Her powerful presentation on coping strategies and possible ways to overcome failure impressed our participants and encouraged them to reflect on their behavior for fear of failure. Sandra used exercises to show the medical students how to deal with self-doubt and fear of failure. Both the presentation and the tutorials provided them with powerful tools to deal with errors. Unsurprisingly, all of the feedback from our students has been excellent. We can warmly recommend Sandra as an empathetic and professional life coach and are happy to have her on board for our upcoming workshops - she makes this special setting a unique opportunity for medical students who expect a challenging job in the future.

Dr. med. JK

Senior physician in visceral surgery



I can highly recommend coaching with Sandra Lutz.

I felt that I was picked up by your questions and given trustworthy advice.

I am happy to have included Sandra Lutz in a difficult phase in my life.

Many Thanks.



Master's student



Sandra is an amazing life coach and I was able to see results in my professional life immediately after working with her.

I use many of the techniques she taught me, both in my daily work and in my personal life. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a life coach in the Zurich area.



Online and Next Gen Program Lead



I met Sandra during a 4 day failure workshop for medical students where she was our co-lecturer.
I was very impressed by their very calm and pleasant way of passing on knowledge and valuable tips to this group of young people. Although the problems and difficulties of coping with error in medicine are somewhat specific to the medical field, she got on well with these students and provided really helpful advice on how to deal with self-doubt and the destructive fear of error.
The feedback from the students was incredible and even we as co-lecturers learned a lot.
I can recommend Sandra as a very professional, empathetic person who is able to identify the problem and offer solutions and coping strategies in a very short time.


Dr. med. LF

Senior physician in visceral surgery


My coaching experience with Ms. Lutz was a complete success!

Thanks to the questions and methods that were individually tailored to me, I was able to make very great progress in a very short time and make meaningful and life-changing decisions for myself and my life, which gradually brought me closer to my dream life. I felt understood and accompanied in the best possible way at all times, trusted at all times and couldn't have imagined a more promising and better coaching!

I would recommend Ms. Lutz immediately to anyone who is at a point in their life where they cannot get any further, in order to find clarity and security again and thus be able to cope with the preceding life situations in the best possible way!

I thank Ms. Lutz from the bottom of my heart!

With heartfelt gratitude





Sandra Lutz was recommended to me in a crisis situation. I had already tried a lot but nothing worked. Her warm manner and the right questions helped me to feel the ground under my feet again.
I can only warmly recommend Ms. Lutz to everyone.




Sandra asks the right questions at the right time and eliminates Mindfucks. My path has become clearer from time to time. Coaching with Sandra was the best decision of the year for me. Thank you!



Marketing Manager




Life Coach Sandra Lutz



  • Head People & Culture in a CH SME

  • certified life coach (DBCA)

  • Co-Lecturer @Uni Basel Master's degree in Human Medicine

  • Mentor ( Swiss Start up Academy )

  • Speaker

Featured in 20Minuten

Featured in Vayamo

Featured in Blick

Featured on Radio SRF1

Sandra Lutz coaches and advises ambitious people and companies who want to achieve an absolutely new and unimagined level of quality of life, clarity and success in today's very dynamic and demanding world.


"As the daughter of a Japanese and a Swiss citizen, I had the privilege of experiencing two completely different cultures and being inspired by both. I was able to take a lot with me from my Japanese roots in terms of family, mindfulness and IKIGAI.


I started my professional career as a professional ballet dancer and have traveled the world with various dance companies. After a very fulfilling career as a dancer, which also pushed me to my physical and psychological limits, I began studying in Zurich and then worked for a major Swiss bank for 10 years.


Since the birth of my daughter in 2010, I have worked as a human resources coordinator in a renowned global strategy and management consultancy.


I consulted my first coach, happy and yet with the feeling that there could be more. I was able to develop so much clarity and motivation with my coach in a very short time and have gained a lot of momentum to finally do what makes me really happy, namely to accompany and support other ambitious people and organizations with a suitcase full of methods and knowledge.


Life is too short to continue driving in a Porsche with the handbrake on.


So it was clear to me that I would like to train as a life coach at the renowned Dr. Bock Coaching Academy in Berlin.


I now live out this passion as professional life and business coach and gain even more energy and enjoyment in my job with every client and by watching their success."

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